What are your favorite
Travel Secrets?

My favorite travel secrets are the local people that you meet on your trips. They make your travels shine!

On a ferry boat to a Greek Island, I asked this Greek Orthodox priest for tips on Greek Cuisine and got a three hour dissertation. Wow! I tell you, this man knows his food!

    Local natives are wonderful to talk to. They're full of excitement that you are interested in their, yes, their community. Locals know about the perfect restaurant or Ma and Pa Hotel. They can point out the exciting things to see and do, and tell you inspiring folk tales.

    You enter their world, feel their history. It's fantastic!

It's a secret that too many travelers miss out on.

You want another useful travel tip?

Here is the business card of the hotel I stayed at.  It allowed me to travel the whole area surrounding Dali City, China, and return easily a night.

Get a hotel's business card or matchbook (or write down its address in the local language) before you go out to visit the sites or your favorite customer. Now you have a quick way to get back to your lodgings, when you want to.

Here is the reverse side of hotel business card I stayed at in Dali City, China.

After a hard day of sightseeing or business, you're tired and all you want to do is to get back to your hotel room.

Show the address to any taxi driver and ZOOM! You're back to your safe, comfy hotel in no time.

It couldn't be simpler. You can't get lost!


Do you understand what I just said: "If you have your hotel's business card, you can't get lost." Go out and explore, anywhere in the world.

Get as "lost" as you dare. You can always get back to the safety of your hotel. It's a great travel secret. (Warning: Be sure to checkout when and how safe the neighborhood is with the front desk, before trying this.)

I didn't get lost in China or Chile or Cairo or Cordoba or Cincinnati. I might have faced other adventures and adversities, but I never really got lost. I always had my hotel's business card...

You can always use more travel secrets. Such as... Here are some secrets on getting organized.

I found this sign on a lonely road in Wales. Travel can be scary.

Travel can be extremely daunting. You feel that you don't have the skills. It's so confusing, frustrating. There's too much information out there. "What's important? What should I do?" You just want to give up.

Don't give up!

Uncle Dan can help.

I can help... I'm Uncle Dan!

I've been there. I've taught Budget/Smart Travel classes for over 15 years. I've been to every continent except Antarctica, and I'm going there soon.

Travel is my passion! It's in my blood. I give simple, easy to follow tips on what you can do next.

Having fun on the road is important. Here is my amazing horse cart ride through the countryside of Dali, China.

I'll show you lots of travel secrets:

Here are some secrets on getting organized.

I'll show you how to get organized:

Here are some road skills you'll need like traveling safe.

I'll show you the road skills you'll need:

It's a tall order...

Uncle Dan's web site provides up-to-date Travel Secrets using detailed Travel Tips and easy to follow step-by-step "How to" Travel eBooks. [Coming soon after I finish building my website. Uncle Dan.]

One of my best stories is when I rafted down the Dragon River near Yangshou, China, over waterfalls and at night.

Best of all, there are my Travel Stories that show you how I put it all together. Believe me, there are lots of surprising facts, interesting people and great places to discover there. [I have these stories written. I need to add them to my website. Uncle Dan.]

    Uncle Dan's Travel Stories include Eastern Europe, South West China, Brazil, and Germany's Franconia, trips close to my heart.

There will be more travel secrets and stories, coming soon.

I promise!

I update Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets.com website frequently, so please subscribe to my monthly newsletter. [Coming soon after I finish building my website. Uncle Dan.]

That way you can keep track of new travel secrets, places, and stories as they become available, including favorite tips and tales by other travelers.

Table of Contents

Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets Blog
More fun, less money! Uncle Dan provides step-by-step Travel Tips, How-to eBooks and exciting Travel Stories. Over 30 years of travel experience in Europe, China, S. America, NZ and Australia.
My Best Travel Secret - Relax and Enjoy
My best travel secret is to relax and repeat to myself, "I'm on vacation. I'm on vacation!" Don't spoil your trip by taking everything, including yourself, too seriously.
What to do next? Travel Information at its best.
Travel can be difficult, if you don't know what to do next. I can help with lots of information about how to travel the world and have a great time.
Where to go? There's Lots of Great Places to Visit - Just Go!
I travel to places that I really want to see. That seems a simple enough answer, but it's a good answer to Where to Go.
When to go - The Most Important Travel Decision
When to go dictates almost everything when traveling smart. It's the most important decision you can make to improve your vacation.
Who can you trust? You Cannot Trust Every Single Person
Surprisingly you can trust almost everybody. The problem is that the people you cannot trust look the same as everybody else.
Travel Secrets - Get Organized
Get Organized. Here you will find all the information, tips, links and resources you'll need to plan a great trip. Once you understand the basics, you can travel with confidence and skill.
Travel Secrets - Best Guidebook
Choosing a good guidebook is one of the most important travel decisions you can make.
Passport Requirements for US Citizens Traveling Outside the USA
The easiest way to meet the following Documentation and Passport Requirements is to apply for and receive a valid US Passport as soon as possible.
Visa Requirements for Europe, the US and other countries.
Visa requirements are subject to change. So I've provided appropriate web links of the countries to be visited. European and US Requirements are featured.
Planning Your Travel Itinerary
Your travel itinerary can be the most important decision you make for your trip. Or the least important. It's not where you go that matters; it's that you just go.
What to Pack for Trips - Travel Secrets
What to Pack. Pack light. Take half the items and twice the money. I take a week's worth of clothing, do laundry once a week.
Go with a Travel Companion - Yes or No
Going alone or with a travel companion can be the most important decision of a trip. I've done both. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
Last Minute Travel - Get the best deal.
Last minute Travel - One of two ways of making a reservation to get the best deal in the travel. The other is when you purchase a ticket well in advance.
Travel Destinations - Europe
Here are my tips for choosing the best travel destinations in Central, Western and Central Europe.
Travel Destinations - Southwest China and Thailand
Southwest China and Thailand are great travel destinations. See if you want to visit them soon.
Travel Destinations - South America
Choose a travel destination from my list of South America nations. Find out which you want to visit next.
Travel Destinations - Australia and New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand are great travel destinations. See if you want to visit them soon.
Travel Secrets - Great Festivals of the World
I have listed here a few of the great festivals of the world. These are presented by Pilot Guides who produced the award winning Globetrekker and Lonely Planet Video series.
Travel Destinations - My Favorite
Here are my tips for choosing the best travel destinations in Europe, South America, China, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.
Airline Flights - Find Cheap Tickets Faster
Tracking down cheap flights can be a daunting task. Rules and prices for airline tickets are changing all the time.
Use Public Transportation and more - Travel Like a Local
I like to travel like the locals do using public transportation and more, including trains, buses, subways, ferries as well as renting cars.
Travel Secrets - Train Travel and Eurail Passes provide Great Opportunities
I use train travel to get around many countries throughout the world. In Asia and Europe it's the preferred way to go.
Travel Secrets - Bus Travel - Cheaper and Easier
Bus Travel lead the way for local city and regional trips. In many countries, bus systems have replaced trains as the main form of ground transportation.
Travel Secrets - Renting Cars - Get It in Gear
I like renting cars. Cars can be expensive for one or two people, but it makes up for it in mobility, time savings and sheer driving pleasure. And it's a blast.
Renting Bicycles - Best Way to See City and Countryside
Renting bicycles is easy in most big cities in Europe and around the world. There are bicycle shops everywhere, many rent bicycles.
Great Hotel Prices - Spend Less, Get More
High Hotel Prices constitute the second biggest expense of any trip. Family run hotels can be a budget traveler's best friend and a fine deal.
Hotel Alternatives - Lots of Them and Their Great
There are lots of hotel alternatives to choose from. Visit friends and relatives in faraway places. Learn to sleep on a couch. Find a great B and B, tiny cottage or lonely castle to stay in.
Staying at Campgrounds Around the World
Camping with or without a car is the way to go, especially if you have plenty of time and wish to explore the countryside. Finding great campgrounds is not hard to do, even in the big cities.
Restaurant Tips - Enjoy Food without Destroying the Budget
My Restaurant Tips include following the locals to their eateries and what to do when you get to there.
My Food Tips include Lunches, Picnics and Bar Food - The Best of All Worlds
My Food Tips include big lunches and picnics. Great meals on a park bench in front of the Notre Dame or a mountain stream can be magic.
Travel Secrets - Diarrhea - Struggling with the Monster
I separate diarrhea into two categories: Real problems - food poisoning or bad food - and strange food problems - food that's different, unfamiliar.
Travel Secrets - Safety First Safety in Today's World
Learning travel safety is not an option. This subject can be a little scary, but with a few tips I can make travel a lot safer.
Travel Health - Keep On, Keeping On
Travel can place great stress on your body and mind. You are subject to time changes, new places, problems, foods, and new microbes. Learn about travel health.
Travel Money - Get More for your Hard Earned Cash
Handling travel money is an important part of any successful journey.
Europe Travel Tips
Here is a quick list of Europe Travel Tips.
Useful Travel Phrases - What are the Most Useful?
Travel phrases are very useful while traveling. It marks one as someone who cares enough to learn a little of the language of the country you're visiting. The locals really appreciate it.
Learn a Foreign Language - Nice and Easy.
Learning a foreign language can be one of the best reasons to travel. Understanding another culture is a whole lot easier when one can talk their talk.
Web Travel Tools - Better Travel Helpers
Here are the best travel tools I have found on the web for Traveler Reviews, airline flights, Frequent Flier Miles, find ATMs, currency converters, time and free WIFI.
Travel Weather and Climate Information - Be Prepared
Travel Weather, from glorious sunshine to horrible tropical storms to needed snowfall, can dictate how your trip ends up, good or bad. Find out what's happening at your next travel location.
My Way to Travel - Revealed
My Way to Travel - I know my travel habits all too well. I let travel sooth me and replace my anxieties with new ideas and ways.
Slow Down - Smell the Roses and Travel Smart!
Slow down and smell the roses. Realize that every neighborhood has its own story and its own glory. It's up to you to stop and embrace it.
Keep It Simple Stupid - KISS - Best Travel Advice
Keep It Simple Stupid is the most important thing in having a good trip. Simple plans, simple itinerary, simple items to pack, simple expectations, and simple lifestyles.
The Open Question, Solve Travel Problems Quickly
Ask an open question such as "What is that?" and get a lot of local, inside travel information, fast. "Do you know of an inexpensive place to stay for the night?" is my favorite.
Ask the Locals for their Favorite Things!
Ask the locals. Locate a great hotel, meal or a perfect sunset. The locals know it all. I cannot tell you how much it enhances travel.
Travel Secrets - Listening - Travel's Greatest Skill
Try listening; and you'll discover the best that travel has to offer. Great journeys require attention to details: local situations, people, and cultures as well as your fellow travelers.
Be a Good Guest - It's an Important Skill
There're many ways to be a good guest. After all you are somebody's guest when visiting another city, village, or country.
Take a Walk - The Best Way to See a Place
I open the door and step out into the world. I'm usually so excited about being in a new country that I can't wait to check it out. I want to take a walk and see what I will see.
Tolerance and Friendship - Get Some! You'll Love It
Through Good Travel we have brought tolerance and friendship to so many places, namely: Europe, Asia, South and Central America, practically the whole earth.
Terrorism and Tribalism
Alexandre is my host in Manaus, Brazil, on the Amazon River. He asked me what I thought about terrorism. Brazilians like to spice up the conversations with direct questions.
Relax and Enjoy Your Vacation
Relax and enjoy yourself, after all it's your vacation. Yes, there are dangers and issues with safety, but these can be dealt with in a satisfactory manner.
Fun Travel - What more can I say?
Fun travel has always been important to me. Whether I'm visiting people, museums, cities or a great local pub, I'm get very excited. I don't know what will happen next.
Inexpensive Family Travel, Fun Without the Hassle
The biggest expenditures for family travel are for transportation, lodging and food. I can help by reducing these expenses.
Senior Travel - Better Deals for Retirees
Inexpensive Senior Travel. It's about time to have fun. The biggest expenditures for senior travel are for transportation, lodging and food. I can help by reducing these expenses.
Travel Secrets - Short Breaks
One of the easiest forms of travel is simply take short breaks. For instance, a long weekend is a great way to get away from work or school or a boring home life.
Take a Tour - Yes or No?
When should I take a tour? Or should I just walk around a city with a guidebook and see the sights? What about longer tours - take them or go on my own?
Tour Tip - Tour without the Tour - Save Big Bucks, Less Hassle
Purchase a tour that covers transportation, hotels, meals and guides, all at a great price. Tour tip: Instead of going on the day tours, go off on your own.
Travel Secrets - Medical Tourism
The advantages of traveling abroad for medical care, Medical Tourism, are lower prices, state-of-the-art hospitals, Western trained doctors who speak English, better access to doctors than in the US.
Different Kinds of Travel
There are many different kinds of travel to choose from. Some are exotic, some interesting but there's always a way of making your trip more interesting. Here are some examples.
About Me - Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets
About Me. Hello, I'm Uncle Dan. I've traveled many years all over the world. I can reveal travel secrets that can not only help make your next trip magnificent, but also affordable and safer.
Contact Me at Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets
You are welcome to contact me at Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets. If you have a general question about travel or a given destination, ask me and I will try to help you.
Website Policies - Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets
Website Policies. This website is provided AS IS. Statements represent our view or opinion. It is only provided as a general guide.

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