Cat Woman Tower of Franconia

A drawing of one of her many cats by Margarete Böttiger, the cat woman.

It's time I introduced you to the Cat Woman.

Her name was Margarete Böttiger, and she was as ornery as Margaret Hamilton's character, the Wicked Witch of the East, in the movie Wizard of OZ.

In 1927, she bought this tower that was once part of the medieval town wall. She lived there until 1995, when she died at age 95. She was a pfennig-pinching miser who had saved €135,000 ($175,000) by the end of her life.

She gave most of it to the city to preserve her home as a museum. They did. The city faithfully keeps it as it was the day she died. They didn't change a thing.

The picture to the left was taken in 1930, to the right, today.

Cat Woman Tower pictured in 1930. Cat Woman Tower pictured today.

Here is her story:

Franconia - Episode 13 - Cat Woman Tower. PDF

This is Episode 13 of my adventures in Franconia, in Northern Bavaria. I wrote 56 Episodes to that fascinating trip.

I will set them up as soon as I finish my website.

It is a taste of a favorite hide-a-way of mine.

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