Change Course - Follow Someone Else's Idea of a Good Trip

In travel as in life, it's best to change course every once in a while, to see life from somebody else's viewpoint. Living the same way every day is boring and dumb.

Play follow the leader like when you were a child.

So follow someone else's idea of a good trip. It can be much needed change.

For instance, if you are a museum buff, try going on a shopping spree with someone who knows how to shop. If you like tourist sites, try a local sports event. If you like the big city, try a hike in a national park.

You get the idea.

If you like rock in roll, try attending a classical music concert in the park. If you like hiking in the mountains, hit the beaches.

Change your itinerary often.

It's important to get out of your shell, to stretch your horizons, and to let loose of your comfort zone. Change course. It's a real eye-opener and& a real life-changer. And it's fun!

In a cafe' in Yangsou, China, a couple make their plans.

If you're traveling with another person, and you're usually the follower, become the leader of your trip for a while. Go to places you want to go. Do things you want to do. Drag your partner along, show them a good time.

If you're normally the leader in a trip, become a good follower. I cannot tell you how relaxing it is not to have to make every decision, not to gather every fact, not to be the one who cuts the trail through life. Give the task to someone else for a while.

Let somebody else have the spot light and the control. They can make the big mistakes for once. Be a good companion. Support their decisions. Laugh quietly with them at their mistakes.

After all you've made some whoppers in your time. Haven't you.

So relax.

Expand your vistas. Learn patience. And follow someone else's idea of a good trip. Change course. Take the back seat once in a while on the motorcycle ride through life.

You can relax and notice that wonderful world all around you.

It's a real eye opener!

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Change Course - Follow Someone Else's Idea of a Good Trip

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