Fashionably late in Brazil

My host in Brazil, Alexandre, is fashionably late. All Brazilians are fashionably delayed. He said that he needed to run errands for two hours and would be back. That was three hours ago.

Alexandre, finally comes up and we go out to dinner and then on to the Dancing Girls - Brazilian style. I was very impressed. Alexandre's wife, being a proper Catholic, won't come near the dance “hall.” It’s all too much for her, but it all looked pretty harmless to me. A Brazilian band with singer, electric organ, bass, drums, and kettledrums. (Brazilian drummers love to pound the samba beat, pound right through your skull and your soul.)

My host is fashionably late in Manaus, Brazil.

This was the beginning of Episode 3 of my adventures in working and traveling in Brazil. I hope you find it interesting. I have a total of 38 Episodes that I will setup as soon as I finish my website. So here is a taste of what's it like to visit Brazil.

Brazil - Episode 3 - Fashionably Late in Brazil.PDF

It's great to be fashionably delayed in Brazil!

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