Fun in China - Chinese Just Want to Have FUN!

Fun in China - A different view point, indeed!

It's my first night in the People's Republic of China where I have come to work at a nearby factory on a special job assignment. I've worked in China many times before; so I'm used to being in a strange land on assignment.

I walk out the gate of the apartment compound I'm staying in. It belongs to the company I'm working for. I want to find out a source of nearby music being blasted into the atmosphere. The sound seems to originate in the center of a group of buildings nearby with rollup garage doors. I have to check this out.

Chinese have picked up some interesting hobbies. Skating.

Thus begins Episode 2 of my adventures in working and traveling in Southwest China. I hope you enjoy it. I will be adding the other 65 Episode as soon as I finish my website. So here is a taste of what's to come.

Southwest China - Episode02 - Fun in China.pdf

Chinese just want to have FUN!