Get Lost on a Bus - I Dare Me

Get lost on a bus; I'm always surprised at how much fun it is. It's one of my favorite things to do when traveling.

When I'm tired of museums, when I'm tired of walking everywhere, and I just want to see something unexpected and new, I jump on a bus. I don't care where it goes, because I can always take the return bus back to where I started.

Here is a great place to get lost on a bus in Valparaiso, Chili.  Note the homemade funicular trams crawling up the hillside.

The trick is to always get a hotel's business card or matchbook (or write down its address in the local language) before I go out to and see the sites. Now I have a quick way to get back to my lodgings, No matter what I do or where I go.

This empowers me and makes me feel great.

After a hard day of sightseeing, I'm tired and all I want to do is to get back to my hotel room. I just show the address to any taxi driver and ZOOM! I'm back in my safe, comfy hotel in no time. It couldn't be simpler.
I can't tell you how many wonderful neighborhoods and restaurants I've found this way. They were my discoveries. No one told me about them. I found many festivals with wonderful local bands playing their hearts out. The food, the sounds, the smells, the ambiance, and the people are magic.

Sometimes I go out and find nothing out of the extraordinary. This is okay. Real life is great adventure, no matter what happens.

This brings me to another point that travel should reveal places and people as they really are. Tours tend to show things in a special light and in an artificial way. This keeps visitors from meeting real people and doing real things. Some ways to get the best deals are in Rick Steve's Bus Tour Self-Defense.

So next time I'm bored, I take one of my hotel's business cards and get lost on a bus or taxi or whatever and see what I can see.

I stay safe, take care, and enjoy whatever happens to me.

I can't wait to do it all over again and get lost.

Here is a quick list of Travel Secrets I found out about on my trips. I hope it helps you in your search for better travel:

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Get Lost on a Bus - I Dare You

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