Thermal Spa - Good Exercise is Good Travel

When traveling, one needs to get some good exercise. Take a break from the trip with its constant touring and big meals. For me, it's time to relax and jump into some really hot water.

I need a hot water spa with a swimming pool and a great exercise room...

Obermain Therme is a great Thermal Spa Resort.

While driving in southern Germany, I found Obermain Therme and its good exercise facilities, a thermal hot spring, by accident. All German cities whose names start with the word "Bad" are or were associated with baths or hot springs, and here, the village of Bad Staffelstein in southern Germany was no exception. This spa complex was massive.

The best thing is that all the water is spring water with no chemicals like chlorine added.

I'm ready...

Bizarre fountains make the visit fun.

Besides bizarre fountains, Obermain Therme features hot mineral water (close in salinity to salt water) that is magic to swim in. Turkish baths, indoor and outdoor pools, waterfalls, saunas, cold water dips, fireplaces, great exercise rooms, massage jets, aroma therapy, multiple whirlpools, and even an Olympic size pool are available.

They call their largest pool the Thermen Meer (the Thermal Sea.)

Thermal Sea is a great hotwater pool to jump in.

Three hours of slow relaxation awaits me. I explore at my own pace. No problems to worry about. Nobody to meet. No clues to the future. No drag lines to the past. Just a slow paddle and a big smile.


Mind you, I also do my exercises.

I swim from a quarter to half a mile as many times as I can during a trip. It is worthwhile and very helpful for a better attitude.
Good exercise (hiking, exploring and now swimming) is the hallmark of good travel. I have been sitting in the car far too long and driving too much.

There are baths like this all over Germany and the rest of Europe and the world. The land is a lot more thermally active than people realize.

It was time to take a break, and now, I'm steamed, exercised and relaxed!

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