Learn to be a Good Guest

Learn to become a Good Guest.

There're many ways to be a good guest. After all, by definition, you are somebody's guest when visiting another city, village, or country. These include:

  1. Be generally interested in your host, his culture and his country.

  2. Listen to their stories.

  3. Absorb their history.

  4. Laugh at their jokes.

  5. The simple act of being attentive makes you a sought-after guest worldwide.

    José, seated right, and his son and two grandsons were my gracious hosts in São Paulo, Brazil.

  6. Another trick is to learn the few phrases in their language.

    Find out about their specific dialect or their style of talking. This gets you noticed, big time!

    Americans call this learning to talk "Southern" in the South parts of the United States.
    Y'all come back here, ya hear?
  7. Another essential skill for being a good guest is not to overstay your welcome. In other words you need to know when to leave.
    Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.
       - Benjamin Franklin

    Vivi, her mother and daughter hosted me for a weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  8. Return the favor; invite your host to visit you back in your own country. Believe me; you will impress your family and friends if you introduce them to your visitor from Brazil that you met in China. I did.

  9. Tell stories about yourself, about where you come from or what you do. After all they are as interested in you as you are in them.

  10. Entertain your host like the old minstrels did in the Middle Ages.

  11. If you play guitar, play. If you fix computers, fix them for your hosts. I've done it all around the world. I can get very popular in that way...
You get the idea.

Return the favor and be a good host.
Invite your foreign friends in to visit you in your home.

To learn more, try travel friendship sites that offer travel around the world and stay almost exclusively with the locals. I belong to Friendship Force - A Good Guest becomes a friend forever.

You'll never regret it.

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