Ipanema Beach - World Class

Ipanema Beach is one of the world's great beaches. Here the famous song "The Girl from Ipanema" was brought to life. This anthem of unrequited love and a catchy Bossa Nova beat set the world on fire in the 1960's, and jazz would never be the same again.

Here (and in nearby Copacabana Beach) is where the beautiful people come to see and be seen. Ipanema caters to a richer and more chic crowd and is considered safer. (As in less theft.) It's my kind of place.

The beach life is "The Life" for most of the regulars. Exercise, sports, strolling and swimming are all important activities.

Friends and family meet in a specific spot of the beach - the same spot - day after day, all summer long, for years. There's no other place for most people in Rio to go. It's so crowded. The beach is truly Rio's backyard party.

Just look at the backdrop to the scene below.

   The surf is waiting for you to jump right in.

Ipanema Beach is World Class.

   Coconut milk in real coconuts cools off most spectators.
Coconut milk in real coconuts is a real treat.

This Carioca (what Rio women call themselves) is looking good as she waits by herself.

A Girl from Ipanema waits...

Probably not for too long.

The regulars workout right on the beach to get those perrfect bodies.

Exercise makes the body grow tighter. It's an important activity for a lot of the beach goers.

Two Cariocos (Rio males) start doing

chin-ups early in the morning,

before it gets too hot...

The Ipanema Beach itself appears chic, along with the "In" crowd. It sports a double Sugar Loaf like mountain to the southwest.

Ipanema Beach sports a double Sugar Loaf like mountain to the  southwest.

World class girl watching.

The girl watching is world class.

World Class boy watching, too.

And the boy watching is a young girl's dream...

See you at the beach!

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