Different Kinds of Travel
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There are many different kinds of travel to choose from. Some are exotic, some interesting. They're a good way of spicing up your travel plans.

Here are some examples:

  • Losing Weight through Travel is my favorite way of dieting. Remember Europe and the rest of the world do not use the automobile as much as we do here in the United States.

    In fact the rest of the world feels like one great big stair master exerciser. Who needs a workout at the gym for losing weight, when you have entire city of London or Paris to explore? Climbing the stairs of any village on the Amalfi coast of Italy will definitely shed many pounds.

    Learn to relax on your trip.  It can be done.

  • Relaxing Travel - Sometimes the best trips involve taking time to do nothing and just relax. For hard-working people like me who like to play and travel hard, this may be the most difficult thing to do.

  • For Soul Soothing Travel try a National Park anywhere in the world. Find out what made it a National Park. I found out why Plitvice Lake is one of Europe's best. Visiting this place is a "Godsend of joy."

  • "One Trip, One Road" touring consists of following one road, any road, and seeing where it goes. No planning, no risk-analysis, and no fear of the consequences. Try Route 66 in America or the coast highway in Australia. Don't think about it, just go.

  • Celebrate Carnival in Rio!

  • Wild Travel can be almost anything, from going out into the wilds of Africa, participating in celebrations like Carnival in Rio or joining new friends for a night on the town in Barcelona, Spain. Hold on for an adventure of a lifetime. But remember, safety first. It's a wild world out there…

I will be expanding this section as time goes on.

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Here are some more exciting travel opportunities:

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Here is a quick list of Different Kinds Of Travel:

Different Kinds Of Travel

Losing Weight Travel

Relaxing Travel

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Wild Travel

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