Last Minute Travel - Get the best deal.

Get the best deal at the last minute.

Last minute Travel – One of the two ways of making a great deal. The other way is when you purchase a ticket well in advance.

  1. The second tactic is easy. Find out where you want to go and make your reservations early.

    Check out Airline Flights - Find Cheap Tickets Faster.

    Check out Great Hotel Prices - Spend Less, Get More.

  2. The first method takes a little more work and luck to get the last minute deals. The keys are information and flexibility. If you can walk away from the deal, you can pick a deal… It just takes a little more planning.

To get last minute travel reservations for a hotel, call the front desk at the hotel itself.

Last minute reservations for a hotel room.

When you ask the clerk for a reservation, be sure to ask, "Are there any discounts I can get?" You'll be surprised at what they can offer you.

Do not call the 800-###-#### number for the hotel chain. They can't give you any great last minute deals.

Remember, an empty hotel room is one that doesn't create revenue. So a discount of 20% is better than nothing.

Get last minute deals on plane tickets.

To get great last minute deals on plane tickets, check out the following websites:

Sign up for a least four (4) key flight newsletters:
  • has "on sale" flights from local airports.

  • has "Fare Watcher Alert" for desired flights.

  • The special deals newsletter from your Frequent Flier airline such as United.

  • Try a second airline's special deals newsletter such as American Airline or, better yet, Southwest Airlines.

Sign up for Limited-time offer newsletters from:

Try out some of these deals and see if you can get yourself a great last minute deal.

Here are some important planning tips:

Go to the Page on Get Organized

Choose a Good Guidebook

Go to the Library Travel Section.

Passport Requirements

Passport Application

Visa Requirements

Travel Itinerary

What to Pack for Your Next Trip

Choose a Travel Companion

Change Course - Follow Someone Else's Idea of a Good Trip

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