Nervous About Travel - It's Only Natural

On a lonely road in Sardinia, Italy,  I found two nails in my back motorcycle tire.

Being nervous about travel is natural for most people.

It can be a fear of flying or dread of open spaces, or closed ones for that matter. It can be a horror of being caught in a bad accident or the anger of being ripped off or pick pocketed. It might be the fear of a flat tire when driving through a foreign land.

It can be a frightening loss of control, a disorienting dread of not knowing what's going on. It can be not knowing the language, or being unable to read the signs and losing one's way.

Likewise, it's not the scary feeling I have when I actually travel. It's the apprehension I get BEFORE I start a trip to a place I never been before.

What can happen? What can I do? What are the problems? What are the solutions?

That is why I am such a fanatic on reading up on the place I'm going, using guidebooks and magazine articles and talking with friends and fellow travelers.

My trepidation begins to subside when I start hearing things repeated, if I get the same advice again and again. Then my interest begins to accelerate as I feel I'm in control, that I know what to do next. I start looking for details on places to go, on hotels to stay at. I find out about the local cuisine.

What is that great and inexpensive restaurant? Where are the best street food locations? How do I ask the open question that will find me my next adventure?

Not only can you be nervous about travel, but travel itself can be scary, too.

It is this nervous feeling that focuses my attention so clearly on discovering a new country and its secrets. It is the engine that powers my search that shows me the way, and that gets me where I want to go.

So be nervous at the start of your next trip. It will serve you well. It will make you find out what you really want to do on your vacation. Go visit the web sites, buy the guidebooks and read up on as much as you can.

Then I suggest something very interesting, forget what you read and go on your trip with open eyes and a gentle heart.

Don't be nervous about travel. You did the background work, now go and have a great trip.

It's a panic!

Here is a quick list of Travel Secrets I found out about on my trips. I hope it helps you in your search for better travel:

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