Prague Museums

The real gems of Czech Republic are its Prague museums and churches. Exquisite in their beauty, lofty in their ideals and huge surprises at every turn, they are a real treat for the eyes, the mind, and the soul.

The wonderful graphic art of Alphonse Mucha.

Then there is the John Lennon Wall, covered with dreams of a younger generation desperately wanting and needing a better world, filled with love, respect and hope. Remember this was not only a land of magic and art and history, but also a terrible place of death, war and denial...

Here is the John Lennon Wall.

Join me in a whirl wind tour of Prague best things to see, its museums:

Croatia & Prague Trip - 38. Prague Museums.pdf

This is Episode 38 of my trip to Eastern Europe where I spent time in wonderful countries of Slovenia, Croatia and Czech Republic.

I will set this trip up as soon as I finish my website.

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