My Preliminary Retirement Plans - Round Robin

Here is St. Bernard Pass. Simply beautiful and tranquil.

I am quickly coming to a consensus on what my retirement plans should look like.

I finally realize that I love open travel and visiting places I never knew existed. To implement this in retirement, I'm looking at a round-robin life style as the best way to do it.

  • I decided that Retirement plans should not only include financial considerations but also what I will actually be doing during a retirement.

  • A Round Robin Retirement could mean something like this.

    • Live three months in Europe during the Fall.
    • Live two months in America during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
    • Live three months in Brazil during early Spring, their Fall.
    • Live three months in someplace else (To Be Determined) during the Summer.

  • I want to keep moving and visiting new places during the first years of my retirement, while I'm still strong.

  • I want to slow down. Fast travel is expensive travel.

  • I want to work, if work comes. But keep it light.
    Retire on a sun washed beach.
  • I want to hit the beaches and hike the mountains.

  • I want to stretch out travel time to keep the number of flights down.

  • I want to rent, house-sit, volunteer, find campground maintenance-like jobs that include living accommodations to reduce lodging costs.

    Retire in a cozy hole-in-the-wall on the Baltic Coast.
  • I want to keep an eye out for more permanent low-cost accommodations.

  • I want to eat local, travel local; maybe buy a local car to keep travel costs down.

  • I want to fly only on low cost flights. Wait for the last minute deals. Sign up for travel newsletters that announce low airfare deals.

  • I want to keep learning about travel and its opportunities and cost savings.
I need to find some books that deal with long-term travel, along with websites too.

Burg Hohenwerfen - Film location for Where Eagles Dare.
I find myself thinking about this during a visit to Burg (Castle) Hohenwerfen in Austria, the place where the movie "Where Eagles Dare..." was filmed.

I dare, too. I look around. I see parallels between living in this great medieval castle and planning my retirement:
  • Hauling up water from deep wells – Retirement: Locating inexpensive resources such as food and lodging.

  • Stabling horses – Retirement: Acquiring transportation.

  • Maintaining quick escape routes. – Retirement: Finding the right beach.

    It's a bit of a stretch, but that's what my imagination is for: to help me find answers to my problems and give me a chance to live.

I marvel at how little life has changed, since the time of the Middle Ages when this castle was built.

Life is still a struggle. It is still a mystery. I stand before the specter of my retirement and future travel.

I wonder, what's next for my retirement plans:




[This web page will definitely be updated in a later time.]

It's not over yet.

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