Inexpensive Senior Travel
It's about Time to have Fun

Seniors make great travelers.

Senior travelers are healthier and more active than ever before. There are Discounts for Senior Travel for about everything in the world. Take advantage of them.

  • The trick is to ALWAYS ask for them.

    "Do you have any Senior Discounts?"

  • The next trick is to ask for any OTHER discounts. Many times the best deals are not just for seniors but for everyone.

    "Do you have any other discounts that I can get?"

  • The time to ask is before booking a room or a flight. Be prepared to move on if there aren't any discounts.

  • The internet is the easiest place to find great deals. Click on the navigation keys to the left or the links below for details.

  • Senior discounts on air tickets begin from age 60 to 65. Check with airlines for details.

The biggest expenditures for senior travel are for transportation, lodging and food. I can help by reducing these expenses.

    Airline Flights - How to Find the Best Deal
  • For flights, check out my web page on Airline Flights - How to Find the Best Deal. Here there are many tips to reduce flight costs on Senior Travel. One way is to travel during shoulder season from May to mid-June or September to mid-October.

  • Remember, to book flights as early as possible. Ask for senior discounts.

  • Sign up for a least four flight newsletters to get the best deal offers:

    Train Travel Tips and Web Sites.
  • The big secret on reducing transportation costs on Senior Travel is to slow down and visit only a few places. For instance, choose a city or a beach for most of the vacation. This will help reduce both travel time and stress for all.

  • Slowing down is especially important for seniors who need more time for almost everything.

  • Train travel in Europe and other places can be a good value. This can include senior passes and the like.

    Bus Travel Tips and Web Sites.
  • For tips on local transportation options, check out Buses. It a great way to meet locals and get around. City tours can also be a great introduction to a location with a minimum of effort.

  • If there are four or more people in the group, reduce costs by renting a car.

  • For larger groups, a van can save even more money per person.

  • Renting a car can be a great way to travel through a country.

    It's best NOT to drive in the big cities where traffic and parking can be terrible. But in the countryside and villages car travel can be magic.

    You set your own schedule, and you are able to take advantage of the wonderful family run hotels and pensions dotting the countryside.

    Hotel Travel Tips and Web Sites.
  • Find inexpensive hotels and hotel alternatives. Ask for a senior discount when booking a room.

  • Consider a home swap with other seniors or a family in a foreign country. The home automatically includes cooking facilities and maybe the family car.

    Access to a summer cottage or villa can be a real winner. Admission to the locals and local deals are automatic.

    There is a good possibility that the home is setup for senior living with special bathroom facilities and handicap access.

    Try Craig's List. Click on country, then "Apts./housing," and look for deals.

    Campground Travel Tips and Web Sites.
  • Other inexpensive options are campgrounds. For seniors who don't want to rough it, there are almost always bungalows (rooms) for rent.

    Most European campgrounds are so very family oriented that Europeans, themselves, flock to them. Seniors fit right in. They soon find themselves adopted by some family in need of another friendly face. It's fantastic.

    Campgrounds can be located inside cities like Paris or Munich (I kid you not) or near wonderful beaches or national parks. They always have easy access to local transportation.

    These places are usually extremely safe. Everyone looks out for each other here.

  • Try interacting with children, especially if you're in a foreign land.

    Food Travel Tips and Web Sites.
  • Another way to save money is to buy food for a picnic. This can be very inexpensive and an adventure in itself. Seniors can discover great food, luscious pastries, great delis, and tasty local wine.

  • Another way to reduce costs is to simply walk or take a hike. It's the best way to see more, spend less, and have an amazing time.

  • Ask the locals for ideas on senior travel and finding more ways to have fun without spending a lot of money. See if there is a local festival or sporting event. Normally these do not have an entrance fee and come complete with local fast food and free entertainment.

  • Locals are proud of their culture and heritage. They are happy to share it all with new friends from another country. It's usually no trouble to find somebody who speaks English and can say what's going on and how to join in.

  • Remember to be a good guest. This entails patience and enthusiasm about this new culture and its people.

  • Check out the guidebooks on the subject of Senior Travel to see if there are free days for museums and other attractions. However this can be the worst time for visits due to overcrowding. Always ask for senior discounts.

  • Find the tourist information booth and see what's happening concerning seniors. Ask questions at the front desk of your campground or hotel for more details.

    Rent bicycles abroad.
  • Another great way of getting around is to rent a bicycle. Cycling is a great way to see a city or the countryside. Plenty of exercise and fresh air make for a great day.

    There are tricycles that have three wheels that are perfect for seniors. Stable and easy to use, they can carry more than most bicycles. Ask for them as well as the senior discount.

    One tip is to travel by train to a starting point. Rent bicycles at the train station there. Bicycle to the next town along a winding river or down a scenic road. Drop-off the bicycles at that town station and return to the hotel on the next train.

  • Pick sunny days for outdoor activities such as bicycling and rainy days for indoor activities like museums or the like.

These are just some quick ideas of how to save money and have a great trip for seniors.

Check the guidebooks or get online for more ideas on senior travel and details on specific cities and regions. Just Google "Seniors" plus the destination and activity.

Google: "Seniors Paris Walks"

And have a great time!

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