Take Short Breaks - A Great Travel Idea

One of the easiest forms of travel is simply to take short breaks. For instance, a long weekend is a great way to get away from work, school or a boring home life. A short weekend or an afternoon will do nicely, too.

Try these suggestions:

  • Check your local newspaper for ideas.

  • Type "Weekend Travel Ideas" + the name of your city into Google.

  • Check a local entertainment magazine for events or restaurant menus.

  • Take in an ethnic restaurant and ask the owners or waiters what is happening locally in their neighborhoods. See if there is any community notice board.

    To take a short break just get into your car and drive.
  • Or just get into your car a drive. Explore the country side.

  • Find a great hotel, cottage or Bed and Breakfast to escape. It always a good idea to take Short Breaks.

  • Stop off at a neighborhood sports complex for a little league baseball game.

  • Go shopping in a town you've never visited before.

  • Jump on a bus and go to the end of the line. You can't get lost. To return, take the bus back.

  • Stop off and investigate anything that captures your interest.

  • Get a massage at one those inexpensive sit down places at the mall.

  • Visit a local spa and treat yourself to a treatment.

  • See a play. Talk to the players afterwards and find out their attitude to the work they are doing. This is easier in local or high school plays.

    Find a tiny café and stay the day.
  • Find a tiny café and stay the day.

  • Go on a factory tour.

  • Visit a pier or observatory. Or a local university when it's in session.

  • Visit a TV or radio broadcasting studio.

  • Taking in an exhibit at a museum.

  • Try bicycling on a local bicycle path. They are everywhere now. Turn it into an overnighter at a hotel or motel somewhere, returning the next day.

  • Take a local hike. Ask at any sports or camping store for ideas.

    Go camping.
  • Go camping. Rent or borrow the equipment.

  • Go swimming at a swim park. Remember a long term pass can be relatively inexpensive.
  • There are lots of ideas and ways of taking a short break in your area.

    Look around and just go!

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