Time Slows Down when I Travel

A Sun Dial seems like slow time to me.

Time Slows Down when I Travel. I noticed this when I was traveling as a student for a summer a long time ago. Even though I was only on the road for the summer it felt like twenty years gone by. Every time I've written up travels it takes me three times longer to write up the adventures than to actually take the trip.

Time after time. Trip after trip. Time slows down. Things get better. Food taste better. Life is great.

The Cutty Sark was a Clipper Ship that traveled the Seven Seas.

I spent a week in London a few years ago, having a great time visiting museums, pubs, palaces, parks, the Thames River, and every movie location of Harry Potter. I found Greenwich Observatory as well as a Cutty Sark clipper ship, built in 1869, if you want to know. My blood pressure went down. My interest in life went up. People were fabulous, places were fascinating and, yes, time slowed down.

I went out to the Heathrow Airport to rent a car for the second part of my trip to Western England and Wales. I was amazed that it was only just seven days since I landed there at the start of my trip. It seems I've been in London for a month.

And time goes slower.

I don't know why this happens to me. Is it because I really like travel? Is it because I'm really interested in what's new with the world? I think it's more than this.

I think it happens when I keep discovering that the world is a wonderful place, that people are wonderful people, and life is that good. And I repeat myself, life is that good.

My Brazilian guide in Manaus was very informative and gracious.

I love traveling and discovering places like Chili, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. I thought the countries in South America were dangerous, scary, useless places where people died in the streets. I was wrong. They are wonderful places, wonderful discoveries and with wonderful people.

And time goes slower.

I thought China was forbidden and beyond understanding. I was wrong. With a little time, I gained much understanding about how things work in China. There are people to trust there, they're called middle managers and I worked with them. With their help and a little travel, I learned to love China.

Kite flown in China by Katie, left.

And time goes slower.

Katie flies her kite near Macau, China.

It is like being a child again, where an afternoon and a few dollars can hardly be spent. It took forever for Christmas morning to come. And summers lasted forever.

Make time slow down for yourself. Travel. Be a child again. Discover people, things and ideas that are fantastic. Do it all again and again until you get it right.

And time goes slower…

Here is a quick list of Travel Secrets I found out about on my trips. I hope it helps you in your search for better travel:

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