Tour Tip - Take a Tour without a Tour

One tour tip for saving money and time is to take a "Tour without a Tour." That is, purchase a tour that covers transportation, hotels, meals and guides, all at a great price. But instead of going on the day tours, go off on your own.

This works extremely well on city and beach vacations, where the tour stays at one or two places at a great price. You stay at the hotels, eat the meals provided, take the bus from hotel to hotel, but want to do many other things on your own.

Take Tour without the Tour.

You get the best of both worlds: Inexpensive lodgings, transportation and food, yet freedom to travel around the city or beaches on your own.

Make sure that this is okay with the tour operators. And make sure you do not hold up the tour bus by being late when it's time to leave.

And if you want to, go ahead and jump on one of the bus tours you paid for and have fun with your fellow tour group members.

Again, this works best on tours that are not always jumping on the bus and going from place to place without any rest stops. Tours that concentrate on one or two cities or tourist destinations are best.

All in all, it can be a great way to travel without all the hassle and planning that comes with traveling on your own.

Give it a try...

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