Tourist Information Bureau – Ideas, Maps and a Whole Lot More.

Follow the Information Signs with the small i.

Tourist Information Booths are great places to get questions answered and travel problems solved. They are located throughout in Europe and North America and all over the world. Just ask for tips on things to do and places to see. They can recommend great restaurants and even find a room for the night.

But be careful on that last item, today's tourist information bureau can be partially or fully funded by the very travel industry it recommends. Therefore, it might point you to a more expensive and less cozy place that gives them a big commission.

This is not always the case. I usually cross check any commercial recommendations by these tourist locations with my guidebook or my budget, as it allows.

Great info sign here.

Information Booths can also be a wealth of pamphlets, brochures, maps and other organized tourist items. This can make it easy to get organized quickly and ready to sight see.

Many times these people can recommend a walking or driving tour of the area. They have special maps that they can draw on with a felt pen. They circle points of interest or give directions to a hotel or pension.

They can be a blessing when time is short.

Ask them about any festivals or sports events in the area. This can be a very inexpensive source of entertainment and the freshest street food. Tours can be arranged and ticket purchased for theater events or concerts.

Sometime coupons or special deals or offers are available. So ask.

They can also help with bicycle rentals and itineraries. It's a great way to have fun, be healthy and get to know the neighborhood.

Don't forget the travel section of local book stores and libraries. The librarians are also good sources of local happenings.

The possibilities are endless.

The Tourist Bureaus and Booths are found at many major airports, train stations and ferry docks. They are also located on the main highway entrance of most cities and villages and also downtown. If tourists are coming, then there is always an information booth somewhere. On the internet simply Google Tourist Information and the name of the place to visit.

Travel is big money.

Follow the Information Signs with the small i.

Remember a Tourist Information Bureau or Booth is a great place to stock up on travel information and keep the trip humming along.

Just look for the information sign. In most of the world it has a small “i”.

They're everywhere.

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