Travel Applications - iPhone, Twitter and Android

Cell Phone and other gadgets have Travel Applications that can really help you.

There are some great Travel Applications coming to your iPhone and Android systems, as well as messaging system that you can take advantage of. Meet and share messages with friends using on-line sites as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google Talk. It's a great way to meet the locals before you get there.

Apple iPod and iPhone Travel Applications are the best yet.

Also, go on line and check out Best 20 iPhone and Android Travel Applications along with Google's Android Travel Apps with Google Maps.

Don't abandon your guidebook, however. There's way too much information there. Besides how can you converse with your new friends, if you don't know anything about their country?

Here are social travel sites that you can take advantage of:

  • For instance, Twitter is a blogging site where people send short messages or "tweets" as they say. It's great for socializing with people you know but it is limited for finding useful travel data. It is good for communicating as you go and for meeting locals once you find them.

  • IgoUgo is a website that contains traveler tips, forums, and even journals. It's a great place for getting the latest travel news info. Great for planning and gaining general knowledge of the countries you'll be visiting.

  • Many of the main guidebooks have similar travel forums. Lonely Planet's Thorntree Forum, Rick Steves' Graffiti Wall, and BootsnAll Travel Network are great examples.

    Go on line for lots of travel answers.

  • InterNations is the Network for Expatriates and Global Minds. It a great introduction to the locals that speak your language.

  • Transitions Abroad, for thirty years it's a guiding light in living and traveling abroad. Great resource with lots of information on how to meet the locals.

  • Here's another Travel Application to share your personal and business travel plans with the people you trust. Try DOPPLR - Find out if your travels overlap and meet your friends in foreign lands. Also it includes unique tips and travel advice from other smart travelers.

There is a "hub" theory how best to use the internet for social networking. It states that there are extremely social people, "Hubs" that seem to know everyone. Find one of these people and you will be connected to multitudes around the world.

The easiest way to find these people are to ask those around you in cyberspace who these people are. Everyone seems to know them. Another way is to simply get on the travel forums (above) and see who is giving you the best advice.

Travel answers are just a few button pushes away.

When you get there you have a choice of electronic travel applications to help you.

  • iPhone is one of the best travel devices you can take with you. It has lots of travel applications such as downloadable guidebooks from the major and quite local websites. (Google: iPhone country name guide to find them.)

  • Also available are iPhone apps that show entire transportation systems, ferry, bus, subway, tram, and rail lines. It has recommendations for hotels and restaurant, too.

  • The new iPhone will include its own GPS (Global Positioning System) applications that can give directions and attach locations notes to the pictures you take.

  • BlackBerry is still best when it comes to emailing to anyone, anywhere.

  • Used the Google's Android Travel Apps for directions, another useful resource that's on the cutting edge of travel support.

Make sure that you don't lock yourself into a cyberriffic world and forget to physically interact with the very countries you wish to visit. Stow that iPhone once in a while, smell the roses and meet the people.

Got it?

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