Travel is Scary - Yes Indeed!

Travel is scary for new travelers as well as for experienced ones. That is because everything is new and unknown.

There are things that might happen. There are unknown dangers to be faced. There are crisis to be averted and decisions to be made.

Losing a wallet to a pickpocket is not fun.

There are fears of being ripped off or pick pocketed or worse. Travel is scary.

Do not underestimate this situation or these feelings.

As children, many are taught from a young age to distrust the new and the unusual, even though this is the very thing that fascinates them and can get them into trouble. Most people don't mind a little trouble, now and then, but it still can be scary.

It is that feeling of being off balance that things can't be trusted, that things can hurt one and this is the source of the unease. It's a wakeup call, an invitation to battle, and a great way of starting a trip.

It usually doesn't take long before these feelings turn into action. The mind clears and the eyes focus. Plans begin to form in the brain.

Here's where experience helps. And I get experience from reading guidebooks, travel stories and searching the Internet. I find out what to expect when I travel. Also click on Safety First, since travel IS scary.

I listen to myself as I begin my journey. I relax and slow down. I realize that things aren't that strange and unusual, at least not for right now. I laugh and start taking things less seriously and enjoy the ride.

It's great.

So if your trip gets a little scary, slowdown and smell the roses. It's all part of the experience. Read up on the Travel Tip section of your guidebook during the flight to your destination and relax. I do. It really helps.

If things look a bit too scary consider taking an organized tour for your first trip. You'll swap a little freedom of choice for having the details taken care of for you.

Then, when you gain more experience, go ahead take a trip on your own. That's what travel is all about.

Learning, experiencing, growing and enjoying life.

It's not so scary after all.

Here is a quick list of Travel Secrets I found out about on my trips. I hope it helps you in your search for better travel:

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After All - It's Your Vacation

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