Wild Travel Ideas

Ostrich feeding in Safari West, a wildlife preserve near Santa Rosa, California.

Wild travel can be almost anything.

  • Wild can include free-roaming animals as in safaris in Africa, coral reefs trips in Australia or nature hikes in any American National Park.

  • Wild can mean hitchhiking across Eastern Europe in the 1970's like I did.

  • Wild can mean going on a Wild Travel - Wildland Adventures tour with a reputable outfit.

    Dragon Boat Races in Karlskrona, Sweden.

  • Wild can include big celebrations like Oktoberfest in Munich, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio, or Burning Man in Nevada.

    Walking up to a live vocano on White Island in New Zealand.
  • Wild can be taking white water rafting rides in the Rocky Mountains or Black Water Rafting trips after visiting a live volcano in New Zealand.

  • Wild can mean giant roller coasters: wooden, steel, and virtual.

    Bungy Jumping in Queensland, New Zealand.

  • Wild can be parachuting out of a perfectly good plane or bungy jumping off a perfectly good bridge.

  • Wild can mean strange food in strange places.

  • Wild can be a strange social encounter.

  • Wild can mean a lot of things.
Wild Travel, for me, is keeping things in perspective, not letting things get out of hand. Always trying to maintain an escape path - knowing when to quit is important. Also knowing when to not even start. Let the thrill be a thrill, not a pathway to an early cemetery visit.

Camel Racing in Benicia, California. I always maintain a safety margin; I try and find companies that have good track records, if I'm looking for adventure trips of any kind.

Disclaimer: Be sure to exercise good judgment on anything that you find out. After all it's your trip and your responsibility to confirm the currency and validity of all information found on this or any other website and on your trip.

Traveling wild, to me, does not mean traveling stupid. Don't get complacent. Exercise good judgment. Keep it safe.

If you can't, walk away and live for another day...

Here are some more destinations:

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