Listen to What's Old and New

It's important to listen to what's old and new. History lives side by side with the living. Those who went before are all around and in us. Today is what's happening now, but it depends on what happened before. This makes for great travel.

Children in foreign lands do help with the laundry.

Sometimes it's a child helping her parent to wash clothes using water from an ancient Italian fountain, or it's young people partying in an aging English pub.

The Old and New are constantly influencing and changing each other.

Oh, yes, the old alters as our viewpoint changes. So much has happen back then. We can only catch fleeting glimpses of the past. We can miss so much of it.

Travel alters us. We adjust to our surroundings, to history discovered, and to life itself. It provides real stories to enjoy, but also leads to truths anchored in the past.

The Louvre, France's greatest art museum, showcases the old with the new..

We discover ourselves in the process, which is what great travel is about. Old and New lie side-by-side in the Louvre.

Nothing is new, that once was old. Everything has been done for the most part and then forgotten. What we think is new, has really been done before. That's what libraries and the History Channel are for.

Discovering a new friend in a Pub in Copenhagen now is very similar to meeting an old friend in a small cafe in Paris at the turn of the last century.

What is truly new and revolutionary can be the fulfillment of the dreams of older generations. I like that.

But as you travel, you'll see history repeated. Are the dreams for a better life in Prague in 1930's really that different than the dreams for a better life in 2010 Hong Kong? Probably not.

Go out!

Discover what's new. Discover what's old and compare.

It's a glorious trip to take, indeed...

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