Europe and Choosing Your Travel Destinations

One of my favorite artistic styles is Art Nouveau, found throughout Europe.

Here are my favorite travel destinations in Europe:

Destinations - Central Countries include Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Sicily, Tunisia, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Destinations - Western Countries include England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

Destinations - Eastern Countries include Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

These are a lot of countries to enjoy, and I have had a great time there! In the beginning I concentrated on European countries because there was so much to see and everything changed in such a short distance. Go a hundred miles and you travel through three countries and many more languages and dialects. Each village insisting on its own cultural identity.

Here are my tips for choosing a country to visit from my list of favorite travel destinations. I specialize in Europe, because I've been there the most.

How do you choose your own destination?

Find the place that excites you, and go.
It's that simple and easy.

You always make things harder by traveling to too many countries, especially on your first trip. You end up seeing only the insides of trains and train stations. You feel, just because you have a Eurail Pass, you need to keep moving on. Big mistake.
  • Instead of maximizing the miles you travel, maximize the people you meet and the things you want to do. Places are great, but people and events are better.

  • I try to keep it to about two to three countries a trip. Then I have more time to explore, meet people and have fun. Traveling slower is not only less expensive, it give you more time to enjoy the place.

  • The easy way to pick places is just go to the country you really want to go to. Simple! Don't make travel more complicated than it needs to be.

  • If you still don't know what to visit, read up on countries until one sets your mind a fire. Then go.

  • The time of year when you travel is more important than where. Crowded, hot and expensive is not good. Click on my When to go? page for more details.

Here are some important planning tips:

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