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Hello, I'm Uncle Dan.                                            About Me Page

Here I am on horseback in South America.

Here I am in Pucón, Chile in South America, about to take a horse trek into the back country. The area we are traveling through is the Parque Nacional de Villarrica, which contains a quietly smoking Villarrica Volcano.

Our horses takes us through the thick forests of Parque Nacional de Villarrica.

The quietly smoking Villarrica  Volcano.

Our horses takes us through the thick forests with trees I never saw before, past several waterfalls, into the high country with great views of the volcano.

Here are two of my fellow horse trekkers with our own private waterfall, only seen by people on this horse tour.

What an experience!

This is the type of trips and adventures I want to show you. I've traveled many years all over the world, mostly in Europe, but also in South America, China, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia.

I love it.

I can reveal travel secrets that can not only help make your next trip magnificent, but also affordable and safer. I can provide lots of helpful advice gleaned through years of experience as well as links to many useful and money saving Travel Websites.

Uncle Dan's web site provides up-to-date Travel Secrets using detailed Travel Tips and easy to follow step-by-step "How to" Travel eBooks.

Best of all, there are my Travel Stories that show you how I put it all together. Believe me, there are lots of surprising facts, interesting people and great places to discover there.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I hope to see you on the road soon with lots of useful travel ideas and wonderful places to visit.

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