Visit Southwest China and Thailand

Southwest China and Thailand are two great areas in Southeast Asia.

Rafting Trips on one of China's premiere sites in Southwest China, the Dragon River.

Southwest China is an astounding diverse place with an incredibly complex society and a vast history going back more than 10,000 years. They invented almost everything, and created much of human thought. It's thundering into the future and is changing faster than at any time in its past. Along the way Chinese have developed a few bad habits and some really good ones, too.

  • When the Chinese do something, they always over do it. When they have people, they have a billion people. When they eat things, they eat everything. And I do mean everything. When they employ people, they try to employ everybody. When they try to cheat, they try and cheat on everything.

  • China is ripping itself apart at an alarming rate and replacing the old with what it thinks is better. Too many thousands of wonderful old neighborhoods are being sacrificed at the temple of progress. (Sounds like America in the 1950's. Doesn't it?) If China doesn't get itself under control, it will have a modern land no one wants to live in and no one wants to visit.

  • The Chinese believe that foreigners must always be guided, corralled and controlled. They believe outsiders cannot take care of themselves. How can they? They're foreigners! Every Chinese I met was genuinely shocked that I was traveling by myself. The unsaid is quietly said: "You can't be smart enough. You are a devil foreigner. No idiot can be allowed to run the streets. It's unsafe... It's for your own good."

  • There is no concept of animal suffering here. Most food sources are kept alive to the last second to preserve freshness and save on refrigeration. Most restaurants are nothing more than take-away zoos.

  • Life can be very hard here. Chinese girls that work in factories get paid 400 Juan ($50) per month, minus 240 Juan ($30) living expenses. The rest is usually sent to their parents. The amazing thing is that these are the lucky girls. They have family. They have jobs. They belong to a bigger group. They are not by themselves.

These are some really bad habits, but things are changing quickly. There is a much hope for this great nation.

  • The next generation is the saving grace of China. The younger Chinese are fed up with the old Chinese Way of mistrust of foreigners, of change. They want to get it right, and they want it now!

  • The young Chinese professionals are great to work with! I know. I do it every day! I have been flabbergasted more than once by the honesty, integrity, and joy-of-life found in Chinese youth. They are great people to know and be with.

  • China knows it desperately needs its minorities, in order to glimpse other viewpoints. The Han culture, its sensibilities and old desperation can be overpowering. The Chinese are inviting new ideas, even though its government is desperately trying to control the uncontrollable internet and its information age.

Prepare yourself for the unbelievable when you visit China, the very old and the very new will more than surprise you!

Elephant Rides are among the amazing things to do in Thailand.

Thailand is freedom's best ally in Southeast Asia. Its name, Thailand, means Free Land in Thai language. It's never been conquered. The people, the government are more than tough; they succeed in freedom like no other in the Eastern Hemisphere and maybe the world. They are extremely proud of this, as they should be.

The masters of their martial arts routinely beat masters of all other martial arts, such as Karate, Jujitsu, or Kung Fu.

Thai cultures, including Buddhist traditions, are wonderfully exotic.

There are temples, palaces, elephant trips, surprising canal speedboat rides, and mysterious islands to explore throughout Thailand.

Thai Street Food is legendary, especially in Bangkok. Try a Thai style massage where tiny masseuses walk across your back among other techniques to relax and reduce stress.

Thai people enjoy talking to Westerners if they speak a little English.

Thailand is a great destination for all.

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