Butterfly Love Flower Chinese Menu

Here is a Chinese menu from the city of Doumen located in southern China near Hong Kong. I took some detailed pictures of a menu in one of the better Chinese/Western restaurants there named "Butterfly Love Flower Coffee Shop."

It's quite a good place to eat. Here is page 1:

Butterfly Love Flower Chinese Menu - Page 1

But lurking on the menu are the following items that you might be interested in...

Butterfly Love Flower Chinese Menu - Page 2

                 Page 2:


  • King Soya Pigeon

  • Barbecued Dried Squid (poach, rip, steam) [I have no idea how to rip a squid...]

  • Paddy Sparrows by Dozen (12)

  • Duck's Chin (spicy fried or braised) [Daffy Duck would love this.]

  • Fried Duck's Tongue

  • French Fries [These are good. Just like Wendy's]

  • Spiced Duck's Kidney or Wings & Webs

  • Baiyun Chicken Claws [Yum, yum!]

  • Roast Squid Claws on Rock [This one really frightens me.]

  • Preserved Egg with Chili Sauce [The thousand-year old eggs. Spoiled for flavor.]


  • Ox-tail Soup [Picture below. Those are the tailbones on the side of the bowl.]

  • Lilac Kidney (frog) Soup [I'd run if this soup starts splashing!]


  • Silver Fish [I hope they are not the ones that scurry about.]

  • Flat Fish Paper Wrapped [Fish tamales, perhaps?]


  • Fried Calf Bone with Herbs [Getty up little doggie!]


  • Frog and Mushroom Rice [I have no idea this existed!]

  • Finless Eel Rice with Pepper [I think I'm going to throw up...]

Good stuff!

The bottle of Soy Sauce (left) is made by Maggie, a food manufacturer from Switzerland.

Note the bottle of Soy Sauce at the left of the picture. It is made by Maggie, a food manufacturer from Switzerland. Southern Chinese don't use Soy Sauce in their food. You have to ask for it, but you might not get it. Only in Northern China and Japan is Soy Sauce added to food.

Butterfly Love Flower Restaurant Van

This is a picture of a most helpful van that takes us to and from the Butterfly Love Flower Restaurant.

So have fun with the food in China. There can be some big surprises in any Chinese Menu, even if it's been modified for Western tastes.

Here are some important meal tips:

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